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Accell Group is een internationale groep van ondernemingen actief in het ontwerpen, ontwikkelen, produceren en de marketing en verkoop van fietsen, fietsonderdelen -accessoires.

HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 12 June 2020. Accell Group N.V. announces that bike sales in May rebounded after weak March and April sales. In parallel, we have arranged an additional credit facility as a precautionary action to secure robust access to liquidity in light of the uncertainty and volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 22 APRIL 2020. Accell Group N.V. announces that all resolutions proposed to shareholders were passed at the Annual General Meeting (the “AGM”) held in Ede, the Netherlands today.

HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 25 MARCH 2020. In light of the unforeseen and unprecedented impact of COVID-19 on economic activity and the markets we are operating in, and the uncertainty regarding the length and depth of the pandemic outbreak, the Board of Management of Accell Group has decided to withdraw the dividend proposal 2019 of EUR 0.30 per ordinary share and remove item 5.b from the Annual General Meeting (AGM) agenda.