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Accell Group is een internationale groep van ondernemingen actief in het ontwerpen, ontwikkelen, produceren en de marketing en verkoop van fietsen, fietsonderdelen -accessoires.

HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 29 OCTOBER 2021 – Accell Group N.V. (Accell Group) announces that the Supervisory Board intends to appoint Francesca Gamboni as Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) and member of the Board of Management. Upon formal appointment, Accell Group will convene a virtual Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of shareholders on December 15, 2021, during which shareholders will be officially informed and heard about the proposed appointment.

HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 23 July 2021 – Accell Group N.V., the leading European bicycle
company with well-known brands such as Haibike, Koga, Batavus and Raleigh, today announces its half-year
2021 results.

HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS). The Supervisory Board of Accell Group N.V. announces that by mutual consent Jeroen Both has stepped down as Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) and member of the Board of Management and will leave Accell Group at the end of December of this year. The Supervisory Board has initiated the search for a successor who will be responsible for further development of Accell Group’s supply chain and operations.