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The employees of the various companies of Accell Group are an important stakeholder. Accell Group offers an open corporate culture with good training and career opportunities.

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Vision and Strategy

“Accell Group manufactures bicycles, a product with sustainable benefits. We do this in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and we are transparent about our approach.”


In order to work socially and environmentally responsible, we set up our organisation as responsibly as possible. We achieve this by creating a stimulating working environment with motivated and committed employees, to safeguard the standards and values ​​within our organisation and to work towards a responsible supply chain. This is how, within the bicycle industry, we assume a leading role in the field of sustainable products and sustainable operational processes.


Corporate social responsibility is interwoven with our strategy. This enables us to increase the value we create. We can consciously take into account the impact of our business operations on people, the environment and society and better focus on new market opportunities, growth and innovation.


When it comes to corporate social responsibility, we focus on four priorities:


1. Sustainable product


We offer a sustainable means of transport: the bicycle. But we go beyond that. We are continuously working on innovation in sustainable mobility and the promotion of health and safety. We focus especially on new technologies, new materials, new manufacturing processes and business models, IT and connectivity. More information on Sustainable product can be found here.


2Our employees


In all our businesses worldwide, we want to be a good employer. We find it important to offer our people a safe, healthy and challenging work environment. An open and professional culture, as well as good training and career opportunities, are obviously part of this. For years, we have paid extra attention to participation of people with a longer distance to the labour market and we cooperate with various sheltered employment organisations. More information on Our employees can be found here.


3. Sustainable entrepreneurship  


We want to reduce our energy use and CO2 emissions, both in our manufacturing activities and our transport operations. We also want to minimise the environmental impact from waste. We are working on reducing the use of packaging material for bicycles and on replacing foils and plastic by materials based on renewable raw materials. We also log our own waste streams and we separate them as much as possible. More information on Sustainable entrepreneurship can be found here.  


4. Supply chain responsibility


As one of the leading companies in the international bicycle industry, we take responsibility for the common interests of the sector. Together with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI) and several key players in the bicycle industry, we have taken the initiative for the implementation of the international bicycle industry's supply chain responsibility. We also have a Code of Conduct for our suppliers, in which they commit to comply with internationally accepted standards for labour rights and human rights. Working responsibly with chemicals and compliance with European legislation for the registration of chemicals (REACH), is also part of our supplier policy. More information on Supply chain responsibility can be found here.


We regularly verify with stakeholders, through media and/or peer analysis, whether we should update our vision, strategy and/or the themes we focus on. Additional information about this can be found on our online annual report.


CSR management
Accell Group has a flat organisational structure with a holding company and subsidiaries. The size of the subsidiaries varies from about 20 to over 500 employees.


The holding company provides the strategy and the format of the associated CSR policy. The boards of the subsidiaries are responsible for local interpretation and implementation of the Accell Group's CSR policy. To achieve this, an Accell Corporate Sustainability Initiative (ACSI) manager has been appointed. The holding facilitates ACSI managers and the implementation of CSR policies through a CSR coordinator.