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Sustainable Product

Accell Group contributes to sustainable mobility by offering a sustainable mode of transport: the bicycle. But we think beyond just the product. We want to make a recognisable contribution to sustainable mobility, promoting the health and safety of people.


We are committed to a safe cycling environment, we promote cycling in connection with people's health and we support initiatives that encourage young people to move. With this, we contribute to the solution of social issues such as obesity and prolonging the mobility of the elderly. To ensure that people can safely use our products, all our bicycles comply with international safety standards such as global ISO standards.


Did you know that...?  

  • We actively participate in relevant working groups and organisations that contribute to clean, healthy and safe mobility solutions?
  • We annually invest more than 1 million euros in initiatives that contribute to health and safety?
  • We aim to have more than 50% of our employees come to work collectively and/or using sustainable transport?


Activities in 2021
Want to know how we worked on a sustainable product and sustainable mobility in 2021? You can read about it in our annual report.