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Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Accell Group wants to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, both in production operations as well as in transport movements, and reduce the environmental impact from waste.  We also want to use more durable materials and recycle more materials, encourage recycling of used and obsolete parts and reduce the amount of packaging material in the value chain.

Our own production processes consist of assembling bicycles from parts and painting bicycles. We do this in three main locations in the Netherlands, Hungary and Turkey. In addition, we have a number of smaller production sites in key countries, such as France and Germany, particularly for more specialised (high-end) bicycles.

Research into the environmental impact of our processes shows that energy usage has the greatest impact on CO2  emissions. Therefore, we focus on reducing energy consumption when it comes to sustainability of our production environment. We have programmes focused on waste reduction, sustainable packaging and recycling of materials and raw materials.

We want to be innovative in making our processes sustainable and play a leading role within and outside the sector. Critically examining our processes and limiting our environmental impact as much as possible, often results in cost reductions as well. Many ideas and initiatives come from our own subsidiaries.

Did you know that...? 

  • We comply with European legislation for the registration of chemicals (REACH) and only work with registered resources, under correct circumstances and with the right protection? Wherever possible, we work with substitute resources that contain less or no harmful substances. 
  • We reduce our environmental impact from waste? With the objective of reducing our waste, including the packaging material of bicycles, by 2-4% annually (expressed in CO2 equivalents and calculated per bicycle).
  • We commit to maximum waste separation?
  • Wherever possible, we replace foils and plastic packaging throughout the production chain by paper and cardboard packaging or by packaging on the basis of bio-resources?
  • It is our goal to collect, process and recycle used bicycle batteries in a responsible manner?
  • It is our goal to reduce our energy consumption by 1.5% per year, calculated per bicycle?


Activities in 2021
Want to know how we worked on sustainable entrepreneurship in 2021? You can read about it in our annual report.