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Knowledgeable, committed and passionate employees are the foundation of our company. Accell Group therefore wants to be a good and attractive employer, offering its employees a challenging work environment that suits their personal abilities and ambitions. We want to commit knowledge and talent to us and offer our employees a safe and healthy work environment.


Worldwide, we employ approximately 3,100 people. These are people from various educational levels. We also create specific opportunities for people with a longer distance to the labour market and for young people. We offer an open and professional culture and good training and career opportunities. Some Accell Group subsidiaries have a profit-sharing mechanism. To ensure that our staff can work in safe and healthy conditions, all the branches meet national laws and regulations. By creating job opportunities, we contribute to the economic activity in the regions where we are located.


Did you know that...?  

  • Every two years, we conduct a group-wide study into employee satisfaction?
  • It is our goal that our employees use an average of 10 hours of training per year?  
  • It is our goal to have 0 hours of employee absence resulting from job-related accidents? If a job accident does occur, we examine whether the underlying causes are structural. If so, we solve them.


Activities in 2021
Want to know how we worked on good entrepreneurship in 2021? You can read about it in our annual report.

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