Heerenveen (the Netherlands), 29 November 2016 – As per 1 January 2017, Accell Group N.V.  appoints Wouter Jager as Brand and Marketing Director of Accell Group. The appointment marks a next step in the strengthening of Accell Group’s coordinating role.

Heerenveen (the Netherlands), 15 November 2016 – Accell Group N.V. realised higher turnover in the third quarter of 2016 compared to the same period of 2015, primarily driven by a higher contribution from E-bikes. Higher discounts to reduce seasonal inventories of regular bikes put downward pressure on third quarter results. For the full year 2016, Accell Group expects an increase in turnover and profit around the same level as 2015. 

Heerenveen (the Netherlands), 22 July 2016 – Accell Group N.V. recorded a 10% increase in turnover to € 629.7 million in the six months to 30 June 2016 (2015: € 573.8 million). The rise in turnover was entirely organic. Net profit in the same period rose by 7% to € 34.0 million (2015: € 31.9 million).

Heerenveen (the Netherlands), 18 May 2016 – Accell Group N.V. (“Accell Group”) today announces the conversion ratio of its stock dividend for the financial year 2015. With reference to the announcement dated 29 April 2016, as published on and reported on, in which the shareholders were given the choice to receive a dividend for the financial year 2015 either in cash or shares charged to the share premium reserve, the number of dividend rights that entitles to 1 new ordinary Accell Group share with a nominal value of € 0.01 has been set at 24.4.

Heerenveen (the Netherlands), 26 April 2016 – The Accell Group N.V. Annual General Meeting of
Shareholders held today approved a dividend payment of € 0.72 per ordinary outstanding share for the
financial year 2015 (2014: € 0.61), to be paid out in cash or stock. This is equivalent to a pay-out ratio of 56%
and a dividend yield of 3.4%, based on the closing price at year-end 2015 (€ 21.07).