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HEERENVEEN (THE NETHERLANDS), 29 SEPTEMBER 2020. Bicycle manufacturer Accell Group today launches its new purpose with an online video featuring the company’s own staff showing how cycling moves the world forward. Accell also announces that its plants in Heerenveen, which produce bicycles for the European market, are transitioning to solar energy in 2021. The move will result in a reduction of more than 1,100 tonnes in CO2 emissions each year. These initiatives are part of Accell’s sustainability policy, which is aimed at having all the company’s own production plants operating 100% on sustainable energy in 2030.

17 September 2020 – Today sees the launch of the Sparta d-Burst, with Accell dealers watching via a live stream. Through the introduction of its d-series (distance series), Sparta is focusing on a whole new target group, namely commuters cycling between their home and workplace. The d-Burst is available as both an e-bike and a speed pedelec with a total capacity of no less than 1125 Wh.

10 September 2020 – From today, the first police officers on top-quality KOGA and Batavus patrol and city bikes take to the streets in the Netherlands. The Central Netherlands Police Region is the first to make use of the bikes. The police selected the brands following a European tendering process, which showed they offered the best price-quality ratio. More than 100 police bikes are being manufactured in the northern Dutch town of Heerenveen and will be out in towns and cities from today.

31 August 2020 – Sigrid Kaag, the Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, visited the Batavus factory belonging to European bicycle manufacturer Accell Group today.