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Investor Relations policy

Accell Group strives to provide its shareholders, potential shareholders, analysts and other financial stakeholders with all relevant strategic, financial and other material information, accurately, meticulously and in a timely fashion, to improve insight into the company, current developments and the market in which it operates.

Accell Group’s financial year is the same as the calendar year and runs from January through December. Accell Group publishes its full financial results annually and semi-annually. From 2017 onwards, Accell Group only publishes interim trading updates on the company’s financial and operational developments when there is reason to do so. Such publications, as well as other (non-financial) announcements, appointments and reports will always be made in accordance with the prevailing regulations and the guidelines of Euronext Amsterdam and the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM). The company organises meetings and conference calls with (institutional) investors, analysts and gives interviews to the media for the presentation and explanation of the annual and interim results.


In 2021, due to the restrictions posed by the pandemic, the Company did not organize or participate in physical roadshows to meet with investors. Instead, management participated in multiple (16) virtual roadshows and investor conferences, in which they engaged with investors from across all regions. Next to that a considerable number of meetings with (potential) investors took place by means of video conferencing.