Logo Accell


We are a purpose-driven company and that purpose is based on the vision that Accell wants to make a real contribution to better lives for people, livable cities and a healthier environment. And that is exactly what our stakeholders, including consumers, dealers, investors and local and national government authorities, expect from us. We are convinced that sustainable production and products will ultimately add value to our company, which will in turn create new opportunities.


We see the following opportunities, among others:

  • Suppliers will turn into partners, because all agreements are clearly defined and followed up, integrated over the value chain.
  • Transport of goods and supplies is optimized.
  • We will receive fewer service requests from our dealers because highest product quality and service is the norm. Our purpose and sustainability results helps us to attract the most talented people and create a highly committed workforce.
  • Sustainable production will increase stakeholders’ trust in our Company and brands.