Investor Relations


Investor Relations policy

Accell Group aims to provide its shareholders, potential shareholders and other stakeholders with all relevant financial and similar information as effectively and as timely as possible, in order to provide more insight into the company and the sector. To this end, financial results are published in the form of press releases. Accell Group organises meetings with analysts and the (financial) media to present and explain its full-year results and half-year results. The annual results for 2013 and the 2013 first-half results were both presented to (major) shareholders, press and analysts.

The Accell Group shares are traded on the NYSE Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. From 24 March 2014 Accell Group shares are included in the Midcap index (AMX) of Euronext Amsterdam. Accell Group sees inclusion in the Midcap index as an important recognition and incentive to make the company attractive for investors. Achieving good results and pursuing an active investor relations policy are of importance in that respect.

On 31 December 2013, a total of 24,402,849 ordinary shares with a nominal value of € 0.01 had been issued. The closing price at year-end 2013 was € 13.40, compared with € 13.31 a year earlier. The number of shares traded was around 5.0 million in 2013, compared with 8.7 million in 2012. An average of 20,000 shares were traded per trading day. The closing price of € 13.40 on 31 December 2013 constituted a rise in the share price of approximately 1% compared with the closing price of € 13.31 on 31 December 2012.

In the future, Accell Group will continue to use various media to keep all the stakeholders informed regarding the financial calendar, the latest news, the financial publications, recent presentations, and all other Accell Group share information.