Investor Relations


Annual Information Update

Through article 5:25f of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act, Wet op het financieel toezicht (Wft)) Accell Group is obliged to make a document ("Annual Information Update") available that provides information on what Accell Group has published or made available to the public over the preceding twelve months.

Please find below the Annual Information Update of Accell Group over the financial year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Available documents

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AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupNV2012_ENG.pdf Annual Information Update 2012
AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupNV2012_ENG.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 43Kb)

AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupN.V.2011_UK.pdf Annual Information Update 2011
AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupN.V.2011_UK.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 45Kb)

AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupN.V.2010_UK.pdf Annual Information Update 2010
AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupN.V.2010_UK.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 33Kb)

AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupN.V.2009UK.pdf Annual Information Update 2009
AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupN.V.2009UK.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 49Kb)

AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupNV2008_ENG.pdf Annual Information Update 2008
AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupNV2008_ENG.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 40Kb)

Annual-nformation-Update-Accell-Group-NV-2007-ENG.pdf Annual Information Update 2007
Annual-nformation-Update-Accell-Group-NV-2007-ENG.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 35Kb)

AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupNV-ENG.pdf Annual Information Update 2006
AnnualInformationUpdateAccellGroupNV-ENG.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 43Kb)