Corporate Governance


General Meeting of Shareholders

Key authorizations, such as powers regarding decisions to amend the articles of incorporation and bylaws, legal mergers and spin-offs, and adoption of the annual accounts reside with the General Meeting of Shareholders. In addition, the General Meeting of Shareholders determines the remuneration policy for the members of the Board of Directors.

A General Meeting of Shareholders is convened at least once a year. Usually, the annual General Meeting of Shareholders is being held in April in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. The General Meeting of Shareholders is chaired by the chairman of the Supervisory Board. All matters discussed and resolved in the General Meeting of Shareholders are recorded in the official minutes of the meeting.

Available documents

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AgendaGMS24April2014.pdf Agenda GMS 24 April 2014
AgendaGMS24April2014.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 19Kb)

ConvocationGMS24April2014.pdf Convocation GMS 24 April 2014
ConvocationGMS24April2014.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 304Kb)

TotalnumberofsharesissuedandvotingrightsGMS2014.pdf Total number of shares issued and voting rights GMS 2014
TotalnumberofsharesissuedandvotingrightsGMS2014.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 22Kb)

PowerofAttorneyGMS24April2014.pdf Power of Attorney GMS 24 April 2014
PowerofAttorneyGMS24April2014.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 33Kb)

NotulenAVA25april2013FINAALUK.pdf.pdf Minutes GMS 25 April 2013 (in Dutch)
NotulenAVA25april2013FINAALUK.pdf.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 151Kb)

VotingresultsGMS25april2013website.pdf Resolutions GMS 25 April 2013
VotingresultsGMS25april2013website.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 26Kb)

ConvocationGMS25April2013.pdf Convocation GMS 25 April 2013
ConvocationGMS25April2013.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 15Kb)

PowerofAttorneyGMS25april2013.pdf Power of Attorney GMS 25 April 2013
PowerofAttorneyGMS25april2013.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 33Kb)

AgendaGMS25april2013.pdf Agenda GMS 25 April 2013
AgendaGMS25april2013.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 19Kb)

Annex01toAgendaGMS25April2013.pdf Annex 01 to Agenda GMS 25 April 2013
Annex01toAgendaGMS25April2013.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 5Kb)

TotalnumberofsharesissuedandvotingrightsGMS2013.pdf Total number of shares issued and voting rights GMS 2013
TotalnumberofsharesissuedandvotingrightsGMS2013.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 22Kb)

NotulenAVA26april2012FINAALUK.pdf Minutes GMS 26 April 2012 (in Dutch)
NotulenAVA26april2012FINAALUK.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 230Kb)

VotingresultsGMS26April2012website.pdf Resolutions GMS 26 April 2012
VotingresultsGMS26April2012website.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 68Kb)

ConvocationGMS26April2012inDutch.pdf Convocation GMS 26 April 2012
ConvocationGMS26April2012inDutch.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 14Kb)

PowerofAttorneyGMS26April2012.pdf Power of Attorney GMS 26 April 2012
PowerofAttorneyGMS26April2012.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 37Kb)

AgendaGMS26April2012.pdf Agenda GMS 26 April 2012
AgendaGMS26April2012.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 30Kb)

Totalnumberofsharesissuedandvotingrights.pdf Total number of shares issued and voting rights
Totalnumberofsharesissuedandvotingrights.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 22Kb)

MinutesGMS28april2011.pdf Minutes GMS 28 april 2011 (in Dutch)
MinutesGMS28april2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 103Kb)

ResolutionsGSM28April2011_.pdf Resolutions GMS 28 April 2011 (Dutch only)
ResolutionsGSM28April2011_.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 27Kb)

ConvocationGMS28April2011.pdf Convocation GMS 28 April 2011 (in Dutch)
ConvocationGMS28April2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 50Kb)

AgendaGMS28April2011.pdf Agenda GMS 28 April 2011
AgendaGMS28April2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 37Kb)

Annex01toAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf Annex 01 to Agenda AVA 28 April 2011
Annex01toAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 19Kb)

Annex02toAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf Annex 02 to Agenda GMS 28 April 2011
Annex02toAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 5Kb)

Annex03atoAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf Annex 03a to Agenda GMS 28 April 2011
Annex03atoAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 239Kb)

Annex03btoAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf Annex 03b to Agenda GMS 28 April 2011
Annex03btoAgendaGMS28April2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 50Kb)

PoA_GMS_28April_2011.pdf Power of Attorney GMS 28 April 2011
PoA_GMS_28April_2011.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 31Kb)

Total_number_of_shares_issued_and_voting_rights.pdf Total numer of shares issued and voting rights
Total_number_of_shares_issued_and_voting_rights.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 22Kb)

MinutesGMS22April2010.pdf Minutes GMS 22 April 2010 (in Dutch)
MinutesGMS22April2010.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 768Kb)

MinutesGMS23April2009.pdf Minutes GMS 23 April 2009 (in Dutch)
MinutesGMS23April2009.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 652Kb)

Minutes-GMS-2007-Accell-Group.pdf Minutes GMS 26 April 2007 (in Dutch)
Minutes-GMS-2007-Accell-Group.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 476Kb)

MinutesGMS24April2008.pdf Minutes GMS 24 April 2008 (in Dutch)
MinutesGMS24April2008.pdf (Adobe PDF-document, 441Kb)