Corporate Governance


Board of Directors

Ir. René J. Takens (1954)

Ir. René J. Takens (1954) (CEO)

Mr. Takens joined Accell Group in 1999 as CEO. After graduating in Mechanical Engineering from the Twente University of Technology, Mr. Takens began his career at the Svedex Bruynzeel Group, where he remained for ten years, ultimately in the position of managing director. He subsequently spent seven years as CSM’s Managing Director for Italy.
Drs. Hielke H. Sybesma RC (1967)

Drs. Hielke H. Sybesma RC (1967) (CFO)

Mr. Sybesma joined Accell Group in 1995 as Finance Manager for subsidiary Batavus. In the years that followed, Mr. Sybesma was closely involved with various Accell Group subsidiaries. Mr. Sybesma has been Accell Group’s CFO since April 2001. After graduating in Business Economics from Groningen University, he worked as a financial consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers for five years. Mr. Sybesma is also a Chartered Controller (1995, Free University(VU), Amsterdam).
Ir. Jeroen M. Snijders Blok (1959)

Ir. Jeroen M. Snijders Blok (1959) (COO)

Mr. Snijders Blok studied Business Economics at the Twente University of Technology and joined Accell Group in 1992, initially in the Automation department. In subsequent years, he held the position of logistics manager at Batavus and Hercules and was later appointed managing director of Batavus. Following the acquisition of Sparta in 1999, he was appointed Managing Director of that subsidiary. He has been COO of Accell Group since April 2004.